About Me

My name is Jason Dorie, and I’m a geek.  That means I’m into esoteric stuff like programming computers, playing with electronic toys, and listening to techno music.

It’s not the same as nerd, which implies a pocket protector and taped glasses.  Geek implies a certain level of marketable skill.

I work for a company called Visual Concepts, owned by Take Two Interactive.  We make mostly sports games, like NBA 2K7.  I work in the tools and technology group working on their content pipeline, some game-side code, and making tools with GUIs to help artists.  I’m partly responsible for writing the system that handles muscle and skin simulation for the players in our NBA titles.

On my own time, I hang out with my wife (Amy) and our parrot (Bert), fly model aircraft, work on personal coding projects like Midivid GPU and my video codec, and find other stuff that amuses me.